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Sexual BDSM therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome other studies also suggest benefit.

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Range of Various Sexual satisfaction from Regular to BDSM Experience with our finest Providers 

Regular Booking

A Regular Session which includes Girlfriend traits, Companion, and One Or more fetish desires.

BDSM Experience

Service for Extreme Fetish friendly who Crave Sub/Dom slave/ Master Experience with our list of Providers who aim at your Satisfaction

Pleasure & Torture

Extreme fetish Experience of Total Control and ownership, Providers at total mercy of the situation you Subject , aiming to Satisfy your Crave for Power and Authority

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All Prices Ranges from both Incalls And Outcall Request for both Regular and BDSM Experience 


Regular Session

$ 400 1 hour
  • Girlfriend Trait
  • Oral Satisfaction
  • Sexual Trait

BDSM Experience

$ 500 hourly
  • Total Dominance Or Slave Experiences
  • Availability Of pleasure Toys
  • Immense Satisfaction

Pleasure Massage

$ 500 Hourly
  • 30 min foot spa
  • 50 min massage of your choice
  • Happy Ending

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  1. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges you are certainly not alone.

    I was hesitant in mentioning my struggles with anxiety and stress, thinking somehow that it made me weak (or imperfect) and that you would think less of me.

    Quite the opposite! From the number of responses I received saying how you can relate and telling me about your own personal battles with anything from social phobia to depression, I realized just how common these experiences are.

    The cause can be anything from experiencing a loss, conflict with family or solely brain chemistry.

    It’s important to realize that negative emotions can affect anyone. Whether you identify as a D-type (Dominant, Master, Mistress etc.), s-type (submissive, slave, little etc.) or another personality type, role or identity, considerations for mental health can be weaved into our dynamics and relationships.

    Though no advice or tools can replace seeing a qualified therapist, the physical and emotional benefits of BDSM and power exchange can help calm your nerves, bring you a sense of comfort and peace and to feel good overall.

    Here are some rules and ideas to help with mental health in the context of a Dom/sub relationship.

    Also, here is one of the responses I received. It cheered me up – I hope it’ll make you smile too:

    “…remember to be kind to yourself. Even at the worst of times, you aren’t down and out… just down. Everything will be okay.”